Vessel Skatepark a Votary Films Original



VESSEL SKATEPARK is a mini-documentary about the story of a small team on their journey to create an indoor space for the skaters of central Massachusetts to come together and maintain community through the challenges of the cold northeast and lack of public space.

The park is a 501c3 Nonprofit Skatepark in Central MA. It provides a free, safe place for young people to do what they love. The park can handle 25 riders on skateboards, bikes, or scooters that have registered for a session beforehand. The park also has a chill room beside the skating area and a lounge area up at the front of the park where kids can show up to play ping pong, board games, watch skate videos, and just hang out with friends.

Producers – Jed Burdick, Stephen Shoge
Directed/Editor/Cinematographer – Jamin Burdick
Camera Operators – Luke Zvara, Berlin
Hi-8 Footage – Jai Burdick
Title Design – Emma Helstrom