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Synergy Aircraft

Synergy Aircraft is an Aerospace engineering company focusing on the future of travel.They have a pipeline of future innovations in aeronautics, manufacturing and propulsion systems. Their focus is to deliver a family of aircraft based on the Synergy Technology Platform (STP). These solutions will provide lower cost-per-mile solutions for growing air mobility and air transport needs and is the doorway to practical, efficient electric flight.

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By automobile or by airline, travel and movement is slower, more inconvenient, expensive and polluting than it needs to be. Air Mobility and Air Transport have not evolved far enough to meet the current on-demand needs for people and product.  Cost per mile is higher than it needs to be and the modernization of aircraft require a new level of efficiency.


DBT Aero has developed patent protected solutions that produce quiet, comfortable, efficient, aircraft—electric, hybrid and combustion. Our goal was to highlight these facts while focusing on the human story behind the brand. We were struck by their story, their authenticity, and knowledge.