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Pine Acres Resort

Pine Acres is a family owned and operated camp ground in Oakham, MA. The grounds were started by Kim and Grace Packard in 1960 and named after the heavy covering of old pines on site. Pine Acres’ location in Central Massachusetts is considered a hidden gem and provides guests with the convenience of “being close to home but feeling a world away”. Today the property is managed by the family’s third generation, Corey Packard, Jaclyn Packard Deacetis and Ben Wisnewski who continue working to make the camping experience at Pine Acres outstanding and memorable for families of all kinds.

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The Pine Acres team expressed a need to provide an overview of the campground in a short video. Initially we shot and edited a promo video that gave a nice introduction to the grounds and it’s different features, etc. After about a year or so they realized that documenting Kim Packard’s story with the history of the grounds was a high priority as well.


We were fortunate enough to interview Kim Packard, who started the campground in the 50s with his wife. We added that to the promo video which gives a rich history and context to what the Pine Acres Resort means to the people who run it, while also giving an overview of what the grounds have to offer campers year after year. It was a pleasure working on the project, seeing the genuine joy on campers faces, and getting to know the people there who are extremely down-to-earth. Kim Packard has since passed and they have expressed how valuable it’s been to have his story captured on film to refer back to, which is beautiful and means a lot to us.