MPC One – Votary Films | Film Production based in Worcester, MA


Akai Professional partnered with us to create this short commercial. The goal was to depict the product being played at home while mirroring a professional studio environment & quality. We added our own flare to the edit in a way that felt appropriate to the DIY up-beat vibe.


The team we’re partnered with at InMusic & Akai are always making video content for new products, and the deadline for this one was creeping up fast. They had an initial concept and looked to us to make it creatively come to life. We needed to communicate that this was fit for the studio, and the bedroom. It required two actors, two locations, set design, hair/makeup, and a fairly tight crew, and it needed to be shot and delivered in a short timeline.


In order to make sure we got the tone right, we did a demo shoot that we delivered before official shooting, fully edited to the track they provided. They fully trusted the vision and direction we were taking. We took the opportunity to use a jib on set for smooth movement and unique bird’s eye shots, and got creative with lighting and wardrobe. Most of our work is documentary, so this was a fun departure and we wanted it to pop.

They dug it! The commercial received solid feedback, had minimal revision, and the product is gaining buzz fast. It’s a fun addition to our usual portfolio, and we’re looking forward to more commercial content like this.