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Movably Pro

Movably is an American start-up company backed by scientists and experts that seek to provide solutions for our sedentary lifestyle. Their first chair, the Movably Pro, is designed to get the user to move, working, standing, sitting, or supporting only one leg, in a comfortable way.

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Director/Producer: Mike Palumbo
Director of Photography: Luke Zvara
Camera Operator: Jamin Burdick
Gaffer/Grip: Falin Fagundes
Photography: Zoe Berlin
Talent: Tori Weeks & Kenny Vertus
Editor: Luke Zvara


Most people have back problems these days. This product can help. How do we introduce a new revolutionary product that is at first glance a recognizable everyday staple? They look a bit strange at first but are very intuitive. Movably is a start-up brand so their videos have to grab attention while also providing proper context.


We talked about the importance of health and the research that went into the Movably Pro Smart Chair while also roviding creative visual demonstration, practical use, and beneficial results. The Votary crew legitimately used these chairs in our office for about a month while shooting and really loved them, and hope we get some to accompany our standing desks at some point.