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Mi Casa

This is a pilot to a series in development called “Mi Casa” where we follow the individuals of Reco-Rico, an organization committed to helping people re-connect with Puerto Rico in a meaningful way. Each episode will follow a different influencer, artist, traveler, etc. who is immersed in the culture of Puerto Rico while helping it re-build and breath life back into the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

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Puerto Rico still remains vulnerable even 3 years after hurricane Maria’s destruction, which resulted in nearly 3,000 deaths and $90 billion in damage. How can we begin to help? How can you begin to rebuild? Organizations like Reco Rico are shining a light on the problem, but also lending a helping hand where ever they can.


Our desire is to see this series come to life in a way that tells the stories of individuals who were affected by the hurricane, how they’ve survived and grown since. We will have a different person travel with us each episode to get out of his/her comfort zone, have an adventure, and help re-build and love on Puerto Rico, it’s beautiful people and environment. This is the pilot episode which was shot using minimal crew and gear in a shoestring budget. It’s still working on being developed and we hope that it will be a part of helping Puerto Rico flourish again.

Photo Credit: Martin Jernberg
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