Hebrew Senior Life

At a time where there is a lot of fear surrounding the global pandemic and it’s affect on senior homes, Hebrew SeniorLife worked with us and our partners at CommCreative to portray peaceful and safe slice-of-life moments at their facility.


Though Covid-19 has affected many elderly, especially in nursing homes, HSL needed to portray that they have a safe environment and happy members. We wanted to showcase their beautiful open spaces and the serenity in the simple moments. These needed to be single 15 sec shots with minimal movement.


We planned out having real members do everyday activities outside so they could stay socially distant and showcase the beauty they have at their facility. Our small crew was able to keep our distance and stay safe while capturing these single shot commercials. In the edit we landed on a style that quickly communicated many services listed and their messaging while also maintaining the peaceful calm of the moment we filmed. The TV commercials have had a great response for our partners and HSL!