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Empowered Education

Empowered is a community of teachers who embrace a growth mindset and are committed to their craft, their students, and their communities. Founded on the idea of supporting and empowering teachers, Empowered created an instructional strategy and movement dedicated to transforming classrooms.

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Agency: Crane + Grey
Director: Jed Burdick 
Producer: Cody Wambolt 
Director of Photography: Jono Wibberly 
Additional Cinematography: Jamin Burdick, John Kopec, Luke Zvara
Gaffer: Jamin Burdick 
Editor: Jono Wibberly, Tori Weeks, Zoe Berlin 
Hair / Make-up: Nicole Coleman


Teachers never get a holistic experience. Training often forgets classroom support; materials fall short on methods. Empowered offers a teacher-centric approach, so you can offer a student-centric approach in the classroom and find what you need when you need it.


We partnered with Empowered to create their educational portal video series as well as an in depth marketing campaign which included over 15 videos.

The Empowered Hub offers a vast array of the tools, resources, activities, and support you need to reimagine your classroom as a marketplace of human potential.