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The Brand Purpose Film is what we produce most often. The reason is because they are effective. These days, the line between entertainment and marketing are blurring. We want authenticity more than ever, and we want to hear compelling stories. This is right in line with the statement “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” It’s true. Your story is your greatest value, and you already have it. By telling it in your own words, you’re connecting with your audience in a genuine way, talking through your company beliefs and values: not just what and how, but the why behind your brand. Imagine how effective it is when a potential customer or client has already built up trust in who you are as a business. That is what we strive to achieve with these short films. That’s what we love capturing in brand stories: displaying the human side of your brand.


Our documentary film production team has years of experience getting the authentic in-the-moment and high quality shots needed in many environments, with compact “run-n-gun” gear that won’t be disruptive. Our flexible crew will work with you to make sure we’re shooting all the appropriate people, recording clear sound, and obtaining both planned and candid visuals.


Think about the last commercial you saw that really stuck with you. Though often very short in runtime, they can sometimes make you laugh harder than you did at a blockbuster film, or even process something emotionally in a way that is highly impactful.

Scripted narratives give you an opportunity to have a high end commercial, telling a quick story that reinforces your brand and inspires a call to action. This could be an opportunity for a comedic sketch, or an emotionally gripping short. It’s an opportunity to really get creative. The possibilities are endless. We work with you and your team to define your key narrative points that point to your core values, and drive the message home. As filmmakers, producing a scripted commercial is always an opportunity to sharpen and stretch ourselves creatively with outside-the-box ideas that still pull the viewer towards action. We shoot these with careful planning in mind after discussing desired length, style, etc. with the client. This requires a fair amount of pre-production, such as possible hiring of actors, script writing, story boarding, etc. They are usually utilized for social media and online marketing strategies, your website, and/or TV.


Customer Testimonials are one of the most influential film type for increasing sales.


There are some messages that cannot be easily conveyed through filming live. When it comes to technical language including software or product development, animations can be the most helpful. We have extremely talented animators in our team who can render anything from simple characters, to 2D explainers, to full VFX and 3D renders. Much like our scripted narrative commercials, our team will work with you to write a script and storyboard the appropriate art style to fit your messaging and brand guides. This is an opportunity to get a lot of information across to your audience quickly and efficiently, as it’s proven we all learn much faster and easier through visual language. Ultimately, the visuals and art need to align with the right messaging while keeping the viewer engaged and inspired to action.

We love making these come to life.

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