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The Votary Blogs are written by our internal team here and are separated into several categories. It’s where we share our thoughts, struggles, advice, questions, encouragement, and education around all things in our industry of video production, consulting, and filmmaking.

Do you know you need to start creating videos, but don’t know where to start? Are you interested in what types of videos have the best ROI and why? We write about that. Have you invested in video production in the past but it didn’t yield the results you wanted? We write about that and offer some suggestions. Are you curious about how we work with clients to find their best stories? We write about that.

Other posts include How to use video for recruitment, Managing client expectations, Bringing order to the chaos in our work, etc. What makes a story meaningful or compelling or authentic? You’ll start to notice some themes. Want us to write about something specific? Just reach out to us and we’ll share our thoughts. Thanks for reading!


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By Jed Burdick